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Le Lombard

Rivista edita dal 26 settembre 1946 al 1993.

Periodico settimanale

Paese: Francia - Belgio

Numeri pubblicati:

Fondatori: Raymond Leblanc.

The 1970s

In the 1970s the comics scene in France and Belgium went through important changes. The mood for magazines had declined in favor of albums in the late 1960s. In 1965, Greg was appointed chief editor. He transformed the editorial line, in order to keep the pace with the new way of thinking of the time. The characters gained psychological dimensions, real women characters appeared, and sex. New foreign artists series were added to the magazine. Moralizing articles and long biographies disappeared as well. These transformations were crowned with success, leading to the Yellow Kid prize at the Lucca comics festival, awarded to the magazine in 1972 for the best publication of the year. Greg quit his chief editor position in 1974.

The major new authors in the 1970s were:

  • Derib (Buddy Longway)

  • Franz (Jugurtha)

  • Cosey (Jonathan)

  • Gilles Chaillet (Vasco)

  • Jean-Claude Servais

  • Hugo Pratt (Corto Maltese)

  • Will Eisner (The Spirit)

If the quality of Tintin printing was high compared to American comic books through the 1970s, the quality of the albums was superb, utilizing expensive paper and printing processes (and having correspondingly high prices).

In 1988, the circulation of the French version had dropped to 100,000, and when the contract between the Hergé family and Raymond Leblanc finished, the name was changed to Tintin Reporter. Alain Baran, a friend of Hergé, tried to revive the magazine. The magazine disappeared after six months, leaving behind a financial disaster. The circulation of the magazine dropped dramatically, and publication of the Dutch version Kuifje ceased in 1992, and the French version, renamed Hello Bédé, finally disappeared in 1993.

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Tintin France n.5 - 1973

(M) 1973-1974: Scorpions du désert. Francia: rivista "Tintin", Dargaud, n.5/1267 (06/02/1973) "RAS à Djaraboud", n.8/1270 (27/02/1973) "La piste de Siwa", n.20/1282 (22/05/1973) "Direction: Le Caire", n.62/1324 (12/03/1974) - n.64/1326 (26/03/1974) "Les Scorpions du Désert"; episodio completo (tavole 1-45), versione a colori.

Tintin France n.137 (1975)

(R) 1975: Fables et grands–pères. Francia: rivista "Tintin", Éditions Edi-Monde, n.136 (1975/08/12) - n.137 (1975/08/19), versione a colori.

(R) 1976: L’ange à la fenêtre d’Orient. Francia: rivista "Tintin", Éditions Edi-Monde, n.27 (1976/03/16) - n.31 (1976/04/13), versione a colori.

Tintin France n.332 - 1982

(R) 1982: Un fortin en Dancalie. Francia: rivista "Tintin", Lombard, n.332 (15/01/1982) - n.338 (26/02/1982); episodio completo, versione a colori.