Metal Hurlant

Metal Hurlant

Les Humanoïdes Associés 

Rivista edita dal dicembre 1974 al luglio 1987.

Periodico quadrimestrale (n.1-n.6) bimestrale (n.7-n.8) poi mensile

Paese: Francia

Numeri pubblicati: 133

Fondatori: Jean Giraud, Philippe Druillet, Jean-Pierre Dionnet e Bernard Farkas.

Contributors included Moebius and Druillet, depicting such characters as Arzach and Lone Sloane. Later issues featured Richard Corben, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Enki Bilal, Caza, Serge Clerc, Alain Voss, Berni Wrightson, Nicole Claveloux, Milo Manara, Frank Margerin, Masse, Chantal Montellier, and many others. 

Métal hurlant began publishing again in July 2002 by Humanoids Publishing, with a French, English, Spanish and Portuguese version, under the French name.  July 2002 – November/December 2004, 14 issues, Humanoids Publishing/DC Comics 

Metal Hurlant n.59 (1981)

(M) 1980-1981: Wheeling 2eme Epoque. Francia: rivista "Metal Hurlant", Les Humanoides Associes, n.51 (1980/05) - n.61 (1981/03); ripresa e seguito (28 nuove tavole: 35-62 su 62) della seconda parte, colori Anne Frognier.